Alternative Mortgage Lending

Best Alternative Mortgage Lending Promotions (Purchase / Refinancing):


Lender A

Lender B

Lender C

1st yr >5.75%
>6.00% >7.50%
2nd yr >5.75% >6.00% >7.50%
3rd yr >5.75% >6.00% >7.50%
Property Type Residential (*Non-HDB) / Commercial / Industrial Residential (*Non-HDB) / Commercial / Industrial Residential (*Non-HDB) / Commercial / Industrial
Lock in period 2 years 1 year Nil
Repayments Interest-Only / Principal + Interest Interest-Only / Principal + Interest Principal + Interest
Max LTV 80% 80% 70%
Borrowers Companies Companies Individuals / Companies


Property Types (Completed Only):

Private Residential Properties
+ Commercial Properties
Industrial Properties

Applicable for:

Investment Holding Companies 
Operating Business Companies



> Business Working Capital

Withdraw equity from your property to inject additional capital to fund your business growth and/or boast working capital liquidity.


Personal Financial Needs & Investments

Withdraw equity from your property to bridge personal financial needs and/or fund investment growth. 


Debt Consolidation

Withdraw equity from your property to consolidate unsecured debts like credit card rollovers, OD cashline, personal loan etc. and restructure it for lower interest rate with longer repayment tenure for more manageable repayments and ease cashflow.


Distressed Mortgage 

Allow borrowers to refinance, withdraw equity and restructure mortgage.


> Retiree Lending

Allow retirees to withdraw equity from their property asset to fund and support their retirement years.


3rd Party Mortgage

Allow 3rd party cross borrowing mortgage for equity cash withdrawal.


Application Process - Step by Step Guide:

Step 1

Contact us via phone/sms/web contact form.
Fact finding/Phone discussion.
Email rates/proposal for consideration.

Step 2

Application submission.
Lender's credit underwriting & approval.

Step 3

Approval & issuance of lender's offer letter.
Acceptance of offer letter.

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