Why use a mortgage specialist or broker?

Why use a mortgage specialist or broker

1.  Mortgage specialists & brokers aggregate and compare 30+ lenders to find you the best rates, options and solutions.


2.  Mortgage specialists & brokers are independent. They are not owned or employed by any lenders and offer independent impartial advice to their customers based on their needs, savings, requirements and priorities.


3.  Mortgage specialists & brokers know which banks are currently giving the star deals of the month.


4. Mortgage specialists & brokers can get you same or better rates via regular bulk purchases or exclusive tie-ups.


5. Mortgage specialists & brokers can provide comparative and/or quantitative analysis, walking you through the strength and weakness of the various packages and provide cost-benefit & break-even quantification analysis if you are refinancing your mortgage.


6.  Mortgage specialists & brokers can save you time and money calling and comparing 100s of loan packages.


7.  Mortgage specialists & brokers may offer alternative lending options and solutions that banks don’t offer.


8.  Many mortgage specialists & brokers are also credit specialists which can help recommend and match the right bank for your unique situation.