Are mortgage rates the only thing to compare and review?

comparing popcorn and drinks

Simply comparing only the numerical value of an interest rate package is like comparing 2 bags of fruits based on price without consideration of its content and weight.

Lets take a look at the comparison matrix for some of the other factors & features for consideration:

Types of Interest Rate References      
(1) Board Rate (2) Board Rate (3) Board Rate  
(Fixed Deposit Pegged - 12/18/24/36 months) (Uniform) (Multiple Variant)  
(4) SIBOR / SOR (5) Fixed Rate (6) Cost of fund  
(1/3/6/12 months) (1 -5 years) (1/3 months)  
Lock In /Tie In Period      
Yes No    
Cancellation / Prepayment Penalty      
0.75% - 2.00%      
Average Teaser Rate      
1 - 5 years average      
Perpetual Throughout Rate      
Yes No    
Bank Subsidies      
Yes No    
Max Financing Quantum      
50% - 80%      
Property Type      
Residential (HDB / EC / Private Property) Commercial Industrial  International
Construction Phase      
Completed Under-Construction Land and House  
Minimum Build In Requirement      
>40 sqm >50sqm    
Type of Borrower      
Individual Investment Holding Operating Company  
Owner-occupation Investment    
0 - 15% variation      
5 - 35 years      
Minimum Remaing Lease / Age Of Property      
20 - 40 years      
Minimum Loan      
>$200k etc >$300k etc >$500k etc  > $1M etc
Citizens Permanent Residents Foreigners US Tax Residents
Selected locations / zoning / states Country wide    
Mortgage Repayment      
Principal + Interest Half Principal + Interest  Interest Only  
Interest Amortization      
Daily Rest Monthly Rest Reducing Balance Straight Line / Linear
Interest Availability Period      
3 - 6 months      
Additional Equity Term Loan      
Yes No    
Max LTV/LVR for Equity Term Loan      
70% 75% 80%  
Debt Servicing Ratio Exemptions      
Yes No    
Loan Redraw Feature      
Yes No    
Interest Offset      
Yes No    
Dual Currency Switch      
Yes No    
Loan Margin Call/Top Up      
Yes, 5% buffer Yes, 10% buffer  Unlikely  
Processing Fee      
Yes No    
Annual Recurring Fees      
Yes No    

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