SME Small Business Loans – Working Capital, Machinery and Equipment Hire Purchase, Trade Finance

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1st yr From 6.25% From 8.00% From 3.5% - 7.00%
2nd yr From 6.25% From 8.00% From 3.5% - 7.00%
3rd yr From 6.25% From 8.00% From 3.5% - 7.00%
Max Tenure <5 years <4 years <10 years
Repayment P + I P + I P + I / I only
Eligibility Operating Companies Operating Companies Operating / Investment Holding Companies
Remarks Max Loan up to $300k Promotional Rates! Up to 80% CMV of Pty

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Features and Types of Business Loans:

Business Loans are commonly grouped into 5 main segments:

  • Working Capital (Secured and Unsecured)
  • Trade and Accounts Receivables Finance
  • Hire Purchase / Machinery and Equipment Finance
  • Business Property Loan
  • Peer-to-Business Crowd Funding

Features of a business loan include but are not limited to lock in period, prepayment penalties, processing fees, LIS coverage, quantum of financing, tenure, repayment terms, bank valuation and credit assessment guidelines. Other lending characteristics may vary between different banks and lenders.

Our Brokerage Services:

  • Business Mini Loan (New Startups)

For new companies and SMEs incorporated in Singapore for more than 3 months. Business funding of up to $50,000 at 8.50%/year EIR. No collateral needed.

  • Business Micro Loan

For companies incorporated in Singapore of between one to two years and above. Funding of between $30,000 - $100,000 for local micro small medium enterprises with up 10 or less employees of at least 30% local Singapore shareholding. No collateral needed.

  • Unsecured Business Term Loan (New / Refinancing)

For companies incorporated in Singapore with minimum of two years and above. Funding of up to $350,000, no collateral needed. Maximum loan tenure of up to 5 years. Save up to 2% lower in interest when you refinance your business term loan, minimum of 12 months repayment history, no financials needed.


  • Secured Business Term Loan (New / Refinancing)

For companies and SMEs incorporated in Singapore, secured against a private residential/commercial/industrial property collateral or fixed deposits.


  • Business Loan for Professionals

Lower interest rates than a normal business term loan. Applicable for professionals with practising license. Example: doctors, lawyers, professional engineers and architects etc. Newly incorporated companies eligible with professional licensing applicants. Applicable for funding of up to $500,000 for medical doctors and up to $300,000 for other professions. Maximum loan tenure of up to 5 years. No collateral needed.

  • Crowd Funding

Access a new source of financing via peer-to-business lending and take control in negotiating your own interest rate based on the maximum amount that you are willing to pay to investors for the funds while investors assess your request, company profile & financial standing and submit bidding offers to lend to your company. Allocation is  prioritised to the lowest interest rate bidding offers. Tenure up to 12 months, applicable for Singapore Private Limited and LLP entities only.

  • Unsecured Business Overdraft

No lock in period, pay as you use, good flexibility and cost effectiveness. Collateral free working capital solution of up to $200,000 OD limit.

  • Accounts Receivables Finance / Factoring

Up to 90% financing per invoice, up to $2 million with tenor of up to 120 days.

  • Hire Purchase / Machinery and Equipment Financing

Up to 90% financing for new vehicle/machinery/equipment with low interest rate from 1.40%.

  • Business Property Loan (New / Refinancing)

Property financing for commercial and industrial properties for companies and SMEs, applicable for up to 90% loan to value ratio.

  • Debt Consolidation and Restructuring

We work with alternative non-bank private financial lenders to provide bespoke customised secured lending solutions to help borrowers raise capital, consolidate and restructure their debt.

  • Business Renovation Loan

Attractive interest rate from 4.38%, fast approval, no collateral needed with loan tenure of up to 5 years. Loan quantum is determined based on renovation contractor’s/supplier’s quotations/invoices.


Application Process - Step by Step Guide:

>> Step 1

  • Contact us via phone/sms/web contact form.
  • Fact finding/Phone discussion.
  • Email rates/proposal for consideration.

>> Step 2

  • Appointment/Discussion.
  • Application submission.
  • Lender's credit underwriting & approval.

>> Step 3

  • Approval & issuance of lender's offer letter.
  • Acceptance of offer letter.
  • Completion/Settlement.

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