International Overseas Property Loans – Australia, New Zealand, London, Malaysia, Japan, United States

Compare Latest Lowest Cheapest Best Overseas Home Loans - Australia AUS/New Zealand/London/Malaysia/Japan/US/SingaporeLatest Promotions (New Purchase/ Refinancing):

  Australia New Zealand London
1st yr From 2.55% From 2.55% From 2.85%
2nd yr From 2.55% From 2.55% From 2.85%
3rd yr From 2.55% From 2.55% From 2.85%
Max Quantum Up to 80% Up to 80% Up to 70%
Dual Currency Yes Yes No
Cash Out Term Loan Yes Yes Yes
Eligibility Singapore Citizens / SPR / Foreigners Singapore Citizens / SPR / Foreigners Singapore Citizens / SPR / Foreigners
Minimum Build in Area 40 sqm 50 sqm 40 sqm
Complimentary TM Protect MosBite TM Protect MosBite TM Protect MosBite

*Based on current cost of funds (COF). Minimum loan amount applies. Contact us for full list of details and offers.


Features and Benefits:

International overseas property loans are commonly pegged to the following types of interest rate packages:

  • SIBOR Rate
  • Bank’s Variable Board Rate
  • Bank's Cost of Fund References (With Multi-Currency Switching Accounts)
  • Fixed Rates
  • Interest-only (subject to location and lender)


Features of an overseas property loan include but are not limited to lock in period, prepayment penalties, quantum of financing, loan tenure, repayment terms, bank valuation and credit assessment guidelines. Legal and valuation fees are typically borne by borrowers. Location restrictions may apply. Other lending characteristics may vary between different banks and lenders.


Types of Borrowers:

An international overseas property loan can be offer to the following types of borrowers:

  • Singapore Citizens
  • Singapore Permanent Residents
  • Foreigners Living and Working in Singapore (*Restrictions may apply)
  • International Non-Resident Lending (*Restrictions may apply)


Our Brokerage Services:

  • New Purchase (Completed / Under-Construction)

We provide mortgage comparisons from over 12 banks and lenders for the finest and widest selections of international overseas property loans. Max lending limits from onshore Singapore lenders are capped at 80% loan-to-value ratio. Financing are also applicable for small residential apartments and condos below 50 sqm.

  • Remortgaging / Refinancing

Refinancing your overseas property loan after your lock in period may provide you with thousands of dollars in savings.

  • Cash out Property Term Loan / Equity Term Loan

If your property has appreciated in value over the years, an additional secured cash out property term loan may provide additional liquidity and investment capital for you. Approvals are subjected to bank lending limits and assessments.

  • Non-AU and Non-SG Resident Lending

Non-resident of Australia and Singapore, facing problems getting loans for your Australia properties? Attractive financing options available, applicable for completed AUS properties countrywide and building under construction properties in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth, up to 70% LTV, from only ~3.37%, available in SGD and AUD denominated loans. *Restrictions may apply.


Application Process - Step by Step Guide:

Application Process Step by Step Guide For Overseas Property Loans (Completed/Under-Construction BUC/New Purchase/Refinancing)