Commercial and Industrial Property Loans - Offices, Retail Shops, Coffeeshops, Warehouses, Factories

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We provide commercial property finance for the following Completed and Under-Construction commercial industrial properties:

  • Retail: Retail shopping malls, food and beverage outlets, restaurants, coffee shops and mixed developments in residential zoning etc.
  • Shophouse: HDB and private shophouse, typically with commercial developments on the first level while the second and third level could be offices or residential flats etc.
  • Office: Commercial office spaces, buildings and SOHO (Small office home office) etc.
  • Industrial: Type B1, Type B2 and Business Park Zones etc.


Promotional Commercial Property Loan Offers:

  Variable - Sibor Pegged Variable - Board Rate Fixed Rates
1st yr 3M Sibor + 1.08% 3M Sibor + 1.20% 1.88% Fixed
2nd yr 3M Sibor + 1.18% 3M Sibor + 1.20% 1.88% Fixed
3rd yr 3M Sibor + 1.78% (Repricing) 3M Sibor + 3.00% 3M Sibor + 1.38%
Lock in period 2yrs 2yrs 3yrs
Prepayment penalty within lock in period 1.50% 1.50% 1.50%
Types of Borrowers Individual / Investment Holding Operating Companies / Investment Holding Owner-Occupied Operating Compaines

 *Minimum loan amount may apply. Many other promotional offers, contact us for full list of details and offers.


Features and Benefits:


  • Legal and Valuation subsidies (New Purchase and Refinancing)
  • Variable Board Rate
  • Sibor Pegged
  • Fixed Rates
  • Interest-only
  • Free Conversion


Features of a commercial mortgage loan include but are not limited to lock in period, prepayment penalties, legal subsidy, valuation subsidy, fire insurance subsidy, quantum of financing, loan tenure, bank valuation and credit assessment guidelines. Other lending characteristics may vary between different banks and lenders.


Types of Borrowers:

A commercial property loan is commonly made secured against 3 types of borrowers:

  • An individual person
  • An investment holding company
  • An operating enterprise


Investment holding companies are a form of special purchase vehicle commonly set up by individual property investors to hold, trade and buy/sell phycial properties. An example of a large scale investment holding company is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REITS). GST is payable for the purchase of non-residential properties if the seller is GST-registered.


Our Brokerage Services:

  • New Purchase

We provide mortgage comparisons from over 22 banks and finance houses for the finest and widest selections of commercial & industrial property loans. Loan to value lending limits are capped at 80% financing quantum.

  • Remortgaging / Refinancing

Refinancing your commercial property loan after your lock in period may provide you with thousands of dollars in savings. Legal and valuation subsidy plans available.

  • Development Financing

We work with financial lenders to provide project construction financing for a new commercial plot / building etc.

  • Cash out Property Term Loan / Equity Term Loan

If your commercial property has appreciated in value over the years, an additional secured cash out property term loan may provide additional working capital for you and your business, subject to bank lending limits and assessments.

  • Part Purchase Fractional Mortgages

Due to a change in situation and needs, borrowers may need to decouple their commercial property loans. Example. Liquidating of company assets.  Borrower A will purchase over borrower B part share of the commercial property. Other scenarios or situations may apply for part purchase mortgages.

  • Alternative Financial Lender

We work with alternative financial lenders to provide business property finance for operating business low in credit score, applicable only for live operating businesses.

  • Indicative valuation check

If you have would like to conduct an indicative valuation check, kindly text us details of the property like the address, build in area, age of property, property type, types of tenure, remaining tenure, number of storey and asking price.


Application Process:

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